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Educational Trips

Mountain Goats

All of our trips are, by definition, educational. Jett began his career in Yellowstone as an interpreter of the park and is eager to continue telling visitors about the region and its history. Some of our trips have specific themes, while others are customized to guest requests. If a guest wishes to see a particular part of the park, we pool our resources and determine which interpretive elements of Yellowstone are best suited to that particular trip. If none of our major themes fits that region of the park, we tailor our commentary to general topics and allow the things we see along the way determine the content of our interpretation.

We have a number of pack trips with specific themes, and we are constantly adding to our repertoire. Here are the trips with a specific goal in mind that we currently offer. Check our Calendar for availability.

Special Guest Lecturer

Trip Each year we will offer one four day trip with the Yellowstone Park Historian, Dr. Lee Whittlesey, as a guest lecturer. The topic and destination of this trip will be of his choosing. More Info

Trails of the Nez Percˇ

One of the more fascinating topics in Yellowstone history is the 1877 flight of the Nez Percˇ through the park. Retracing the steps of the Nez Percˇ provides an excellent interpretive opportunity. This is a trip that we sometimes offer with Dr. Lee Whittlesey as a special guest lecturer. More Info

History of Poaching

Poaching has plagued Yellowstone since its conception in 1872. It is a subject that is ripe with interpretive commentary. We explore the events that led to the first legislation for protecting Yellowstone's wildlife by visiting a poacher cabin. More Info

Exploring Yellowstone's Hydrothermal Features

On our trip, we visit two thermal regions on the Mirror Plateau and discuss the various types of thermal activity that is found in Yellowstone and the geological history of Yellowstone's caldera. More Info

Landscape Photography

Yellowstone is a photographer's paradise, and we offer a trip that is solely devoted to landscape photography. More Info

Wildflowers of Yellowstone

This is a trip that we like to offer during the month of July in the Snake River country so that we can begin with the summer flowers at lower elevations and move to the spring flowers at higher elevations. More Info

Yellowstone for Violin and Orchestra

Be sure to check out the number one selling CD in the Park by your outfitter and guide, Jett Hitt. You can download samples of this full scale violin concerto that was inspired by the Park and recorded by the Slovak Radio Symphony. It is the perfect sound track to your Yellowstone vacation.

Yellowstone CD

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