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All trips require a 50% non-refundable deposit at the time of booking. Below is a list of the trips that we like to offer. However, we can customize a trip to any destination in the park. All trips have eight available seats.

You can look at maps and compare prices, number of days and mileage of each of our trips by clicking here; or you can click on the individual trips below. We recommend looking at this page to make your choice. Check our Calendar for availability.

Note: The fish symbol does not mean that it is a fishing trip. It just means that if you want to fish, it is possible.
Full Description
Trip Type
Fishing Possible
Half Day Rides
$125 per Person
Full Day Rides
$225 per Person
Paddle and Saddle $165 per person
Thorofare Pack Trip
$2,700 per Person
Thorofare Explorer Trip
$2,700 per Person
Slough Creek Fly Fishing
$1,800 per Person
Lamar River Fly Fishing
$1,750 per Person
Heart Lake Pack Trip
$1,800 per Person
Snake River Pack Trip
$1,800 per Person
Gallatin Pack Trip
$2,700 per Person
Hellroaring Pack Trip
$1,800 per Person
Pebble Creek Pack Trip
$1,400 per Person
Waterfalls Pack Trip
$3,000 per Person
Hoodoo Basin Pack Trip
$2,200 per Person
Photography Pack Trip
$1,800 per Person
Poacher Cabin Pack Trip
$1,800 per Person
Exploring Yellowstone's Thermal Features
$1,800 per Person
Drop Camps for Hikers
$1,000 and up
Custom Pack Trip
$1,400 per Person and up
Custom Fly Fishing Trip
$1,400 per Person and up
Guest Lecturer Pack Trip
$1,800 per Person

Email: Tel: 406.223.3300

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