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Yellowstone for Violin and Orchestra
For those of you with a high speed internet connection, we have a twelve minute Yellowstone movie. If you are on a dialup connection, you would do better to take our Sample Trip or visit our photo album where you will find many high quality photos by Yellowstone outfitter Jett Hitt, who is a published photographer.

The movie features scenes from our pack trips and day rides; it also features footage of many of the park's icons and, as a special bonus, the second movement of Jett Hitt's Yellowstone for Violin and Orchestra. This was filmed over a six week period, and it shows many of the things that you might see on one of our trips. Much of this footage was shot on our Thorofare Trips.

The movie comes in three forms: Youtube and two sizes of downloadable Quicktime movies: 25MB and 65MB. Both are high quality Quicktime movies. (Download Quicktime) The screen size of each movie is represented by the pictures below.

Youtube Version

25MB Version

Actual size

65MB Version

Actual size

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